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The Manhattan Hotel


The Salida Steam Plant


Salida was formed in the early 1880s and was originally called South Arkansas. The Denver & Rio Grande railroad built a hospital, the Monte Cristo Hotel and a large roundhouse along the Arkansas River. Salida later served as a trade center for nearby mining districts. Today Salida is home to approximately 5,730 residents.

Downtown Salida is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and contains 12 National and State Register of Historic Places designations including:

225 F Street
National Register 4/21/1983, 5CF.213
Dating from the late 19th century, the two-story brick and stone building includes decorative brickwork in a lattice pattern just below its highly detailed parapet. In the first floor restaurant area, large windows, set in semi-circular arches, face the nearby Arkansas River. The hotel remained in operation into the 1930s.

Currently Headwaters Outdoor Equipment store and private offices.

312 W. Sackett
State Register 3/10/1993, 5CF.291
With its various wood frame and brick components constructed between 1887 and 1926, the plant is associated with the evolution in the distribution of electricity in Salida. The plant remains as a testimonial to the foresight of local entrepreneurs who established the Edison Electric Light Company of Salida, Colorado just five years after Thomas Edison established his first electrical station in New York City. The plant remained in operation until 1958. During the 1990s, the Colorado State Historical Fund helped with the restoration of the property for use as a community cultural arts center.

Currently under construction to add an adjacent Conference Center, the building is owned by the City of Salida and operated as the Steam Plant Theater Performing Arts Center.

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